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PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Technical Support agreement


The following document outlines the scope and limitation of support for each product that we offer.

Because web hosting service by nature relies on a combination of customer supplied client hardware and software and third-party products it is important to define what is supported by our company and what is the responsibility of the customer and/or third-party hardware and software vendors.

It is important for our customers to understand that when adghosting initially delivers a hosting service it has been pre-tested to be in 100% working condition.

We strongly encourage our customers to use our knowledge base resource and also the help menu in your aSQUARED software, to not only seek support, but also to become more familiar with our products and the extent of our support.

    • DNS zone file.
      DNS zone files translate your IP address to your domain name.  We will make sure to provide you with a zone file that will work for common web hosting uses such as www and mail when using aslan name servers. At any time you can revert to a default zone file should you mistakenly edit your own.
    • Operation of common services.
      We will monitor and ensure that all basic services are working, such as email server, web serve and FTP and your Web Control panel. We will gladly perform manual checks for you should you feel your service is not working as intended.
    • Server and aSQUARED Software versions.
      We will maintain a best practice to ensure that our software is secure and free of exploits and vulnerabilities. We will control and determine the version of software used on our hosting services.
    • Server Hardware.
      We will monitor and maintain all aspects of the server hardware. If a hardware failure occurs, we will replace any faulty hardware as soon as humanly possible. We maintain an inventory of replacement components, and/or service contracts with hardware vendors to ensure that faulty hardware may be replaced in timely manner.
  • Customer responsibility:
    • Internet Training.
      We do not provide training or educational services regarding basic operation of Internet technology and concepts. It is expected that you will have a basic understanding of Internet concepts such as DNS, email, and FTP.  We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with our products by using the Knowledge Base.
    • Data Backup.
      You are responsible for maintaining current backups of all your important data.
    • DNS/Domain names.
      We will not automatically transfer or modify your domain names to use our service. You are responsible for using the support services provided by your domain registrar for any assistance relating to name transfers and name server modifications. You may also choose to have your domain transferred to our authority by submitting a request via the Account Center. Once your transfer has been completed you can then edit your name servers in the Account Center.
    • Domain name change.
      You can change the domain name associated with your Service; however you are responsible for modifying any and all path names in any scripts or applications to reflect this change.
    • Email client configuration.
      We provide your email account basic settings - logins, incoming mail server address.
      You the client need to enter your ISP outgoing mail server address.
      We have provided some setup articles and trouble shooting articles in the knowledge base for you as a curtesy and this information may not be accurate or suitable to your software. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of these articles and if you need further help please refer to your reseller, IT person or articles on the internet provide by the software company eg, microsoft.
    • FTP client configuration.
      We cannot provide extensive troubleshooting relating to the advanced configuration of your FTP software.  We will do our best to help you make a connection using the steps outlined in our Knowledge Base articles.
    • Scripts and Applications.
      Due to the quantity and ever-changing complexity of internet software, it simply isn't feasible for us to know the details of how all the applications you're running work. You are fully responsible for the installation and correct operation of any and all scripts and applications. We will not troubleshoot or provide any support relating to malfunctioning scripts or applications.  This is a policy that we must strictly adhere to.
    • SSL configuration.
      We will do our best to assist you with the installation of 3rd party SSL certificates, but we cannot guarantee successful installs if we are given incomplete or wrong information.  We strongly encourage you to work with your SSL provider towards a resolution.  We do however offer installation and full support of GeoTrust QuickSSL certificates that are purchased through us.
  • Alternate Domains
    • Customer responsibility:
      • Usage.
        You are responsible for making any necessary domain name transfer or name server modifications for the selected domain name to use our services. Our systems will automatically create a basic directory structure; however you are responsible for creating/publishing the content needed for the alternate domain name to function.
  • aSQUARED software Applications
    • Supported:
      • We support the basic installation and operations of the application offered in the aSQUARED software installs section of the control panel.
    • Customer Responsibility:
      • You are responsible for all customizations/upgrades/plug-ins added to the application once installed.

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