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Email Setup on iOS Devices


How to Set Up Email on iOS Devices

This article will show you how to manually configure your iPhone or iPod touch with your email account(s) using the preferred IMAP protocol.



Before you start, you'll need the following:

  • Your "email access domain" which will be "".
  • Your email address:
  • Your email password.
  • Choose IMAP or POP. Choose IMAP if you want to check the account on multiple computers or mobile devices. POP downloads the messages locally to your computer/device.
  • Through this guide you will see references to "user" and "" be sure to replace this with your actual username and domain name.


The following tutorial is provided as a courtesy to our customers to help you configure your iPhone software our hosting solutions. If you have further questions about your iPhone, please visit

This article is provided as a courtesy. Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting third-party applications is outside the scope of support provided by us.

Configuration for iPhones with iOS 13 and newer

    1. From the Home screen, choose Settings.
    2. Next, tap Passwords & Accounts.
    3. In the Passwords & Accounts section, select Add Account.
    4. Choose your email account type. For setting up email to work with your (mt) Media Temple service, choose Other.


    5. Select Add Mail Account.
    6. Enter your Account Information. Then tap Next.
      • Name: Your user's first and last name.
      • Email: Your full username (
      • Password: Your email user's password.
      • Description: A personal description (this does not have a functional effect on your email).

    7. You will be prompted to enter further Account Information. Then tap Next.
      Although entering some of this information may seem redundant, you will want to ensure all sections are fully completed in order to ensure email is added successfully.
      • Ensure IMAP is selected at the top.
      • Name: Your user's first and last name.
      • Email: Your full username (
      • Description: A personal description.
        • Host Name:
        • User Name: Your full username (
        • Password: Your email user's password.
          • Host Name:
          • User Name: Your full username (
          • Password: Your email user's password.
    8. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. Ensure SSL/AUTHENTICATION is turned ON. Makes sure is selected as the Primary Server. If it isn’t shown, tap Primary Server and select from the list. If it is the primary server, tap it on the current screen and then next one, and make sure:

      Use SSL is On
      Authentication is set to Password
      Server Port is set to587
      iPod smtp settings screenshot
    9. Ensure that the Mail option is selected. You can also choose to sync Notes as well to your email user. Then click Save.

    10. That's it! Your email account should be successfully added at this time. You can check your email through the Mail app in your iPhone.
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