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What to do it your IP, domain or email has been attacked by Spammers


Your infection may have come from browsing the internet or email through your computer or another one on your home or office network. Spammers have hijack you email account by guessing the password if its an easy one or finding it on your computers cache if stored.

You will need to scan and clean your computer. If your computer is on a network or your laptop has used your office or home network you should scan these computers as well to stop reinfection.


  1. Download a malware scanning software like MalwareBytes – this software is free and is one of the best. Also down load an anti-virus software like AVG if you don't already have one. Malware bytes tender to pick-up Trojans and spy-ware that anti-virus software doesn't.
  2. Install both of these programs
  3. Scan your computer(s) – they will detect and clean
  4. Make sure all computers are cleaned, then email us an we will reset the password on your account to a new one. As the spammers have you current password you will need a new one.
  5. We will reset the password and send this to you. As a precaution so you will not be banned by a Spam authority, we have a temporary password on your account so the spamming can be stopped.

for more information onhow spammers break into your email account go to our article here

If you have be banned by a Spam authority

Please note: although the spamming traffic was picked up early, it is possible you may have be blacklisted by a Spam authority and you outgoing mail is be blocked. If this is the case, you will need to do the following:

  1. find you IP address by googling 'what’s my IP address
  2. go to and enter your IP address and choose Blacklist from the drop-down menu
  3. if you have been blacklisted by any of the Spam authorities, then you need to go to each one and reinstate your IP or email address, BUT only after you have cleaned your machines. If you do this before cleaning you will be banned again and it will be much hard to be unbanned

for more information on bans by Spam authorities please go to our article here

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